Joint Knee Hot Compress To Keep Warm And Warm Kneepad Massager


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Product name: Fever massage kneepad
Product model: Kjh-0028
Product size: 62 x 30cm
Vibration modes: 3
Vibration intensity: 3
Hot compress mode: 4
Timing duration: 30 minutes
Input voltage: Dc 5v
Output power: 5w
Input current: 1.5a
Charging port: Type-c

Packing list: 

Knee brace *1 / knee brace *1 pair/knee brace host *1

Additional information

Weight 0.38 kg
Dimensions 320 × 180 × 55 cm
Electrical outlet



1heated knee brace, 1pair of heated knee pads, A voice heating knee brace, Heating knee brace main machin, Upgrade the voice heating host, Voice style heating knee brace


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