Decompression Wrist Exercise Grip Centrifugal


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Product information:
Material: Polycarbonate Silicone Zinc Alloy
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, health massage

1. Make your arms look better. Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders and biceps. It may also help to promote coordination and blood circulation.
2. It definitely requires some fine motor skills to use it. The dominant hand/arm makes it easy to keep the gyro ball running, which will help improve the fine motor skills of the non-dominant hand/arm.
3. Small and light, you can carry it with you. It’s easy to start with the drawstring. We have a blinking LED pattern, all you have to do is to increase the speed by rotating your wrist and keep it in sync with the Rotation of the ball.
4. There is no strange vibration of the device. In addition, the silicone handle part is very good, because it can help the gyro ball not to loosen from your hand. If you are really worried about the gyro ball Flying away, you can attach it to your hand strap.

Packing list:
Wrist Ball x1

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 80 cm

Black King Kong without lights, Blue selfstarting lantern, Blue withe bag, Platinum colored lights, Platinum without light, Red selfstarting lantern, Red withe bag


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